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Tips& Tricks was the longest-running of a series of similar journals that began with the first issue of ANALOG in January 1981, nine months before the publishing of Electronic Games, which is widely regarded as the world's first video gaming magazine. In February 2011, the final edition of Tips & Tricks Codebook hit the newsstands

Hi Gamers, I'm Waqas! Here you will see me playing PC games and Mobile Games having some fun. I Playing Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG, And GTA 5 With You On the Custom Tricks Gaming Channel. Fully Pakistani Gamer With Urdu Commentary As in the previous year, Custom Trick 2021 will be 100% digital and free of charge for all Custom Tricks fans. Compared to Custom Trick 2020, many exciting innovations await you. But one thing remains the same: In August, the worldwide gaming community will come together at Custom Trick 2021 to celebrate the latest game titles and the most exciting news! At Custom Trick 2021, you can expect, among other things: 100% entertainment and news with Custom Trick Opening Night Live, Custom Trick Chanel Awesome Indies, 100% gaming content in one place with the completely revamped content hub Custom Trick now, 100% community atmosphere and epic adventures thanks to the brand new community action Custom Trick and 100% indie power with the Indie Arena Booth Online exclusive at Custom Trick
Now We Are Providing You The Best Gaming Information We Are A Company Of Gamers And Youtubers. We, Will, Keep You Up To Date Any Thing Related To Gaming And Technology
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Custom Tricks is a site which contains article related to Technology, Gaming, Tips And  Tricks, Custom Tricks Aim to Provide Gaming Tips And Tricks related to Gaming. Any User can Read and Comment on Articles And Enjoy.

I’m Waqas Azhar the Founder of Custom Tricks, I am a Professional Web Developer  Youtuber and a Digital Marketer Working in this field for the last 3 Years. I am working on different Websites to help people in Gaming And Technology

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